Multiple issues installing Bahmni PACS Integration Services

Hi , I am having a lot of troubles trying to install/start dchm4chee and pacs-integration services. This my current setup:

Installed Bahmni RPM’s:

Installed Java Versions:

/var/lib/bahmni directory ownership and permissions:

These are the issues:

  1. The pacs-integration service status is running, however when I try to open http://myServerUrl:8083/pacs-integration the website is down
  2. After installing the dcm4chee rpm I’ve been unable to start the service. When I run “service dcm4chee start” it says it is starting, however it won’t. When I look into /var/lib/bahmni/dcm4chee-2.18.1-psql/server/default/log/boot.log I can see ERROR and WARN entries like these:

At this point I am suspecting there is a version conflict, as dcm4chee and pacs-integration rpm’s are 0.88, and the rest of Bahmni’s rpm’s are 0.87. I’ve been trying to figure out what is the root cause, however after a few days I still have no clue.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you !

Which Bahmni installer version did you use?

I used 0.87

AS shown in the screen shots, pacs-integration and dcm4chee are 0.88

Today I installed a fresh CentOS 6.8 + Bahmni 0.88 and still having the same issue with the PACS integration functionality. I’ve been struggling with this issue for several days. One of the reasons why I decided to go with Bahmni was the PACS integration function, but at this point it looks like I need to go with another, more mature MRS application. :pensive:

Is there anyone alse in this forum who has experience installing the PACS integration app?

Thank you

Can you please check your Private Message on OpenMRS Talk. I have just dropped you a message for sharing contact details. Thanks!

Can you try http://myServerUrl:8054/pacs-integration and let us know.

Dear swathi, I installed bahmni and at the end of the installation, the modules Clinical Service, Laboratory and openerp work normally but, the module radiology (pacs-integration) does not work. but apart from http://ipaddress:8083/pacs-integration the website is down, can you please help me out.

  • “pacs-integration” is not a public facing service. its meant only for integration between MRS and PACS (Dcm4Chee). There are some setups you need to do for getting the integration. check here and also the other pages under “Radiology and PACS integration”. There is also this lovely medium blog by @arjun here
  • Check whether your dcm4chee is up and running https://ipaddress/dcm4chee-web3/. From the machine, internally, you can verify if you are getting this by