Multiple columns in forms?


Does anyone know how we can configure a form in Bahmni to utilize multiple columns? See the attached screen shot of our Visit Details form. We would like to either:

  • show each question in a different column or
  • utilize 2 (or more) columns for the options in each question so they don’t take up so much room.

These are multi-select so we can’t use dropdowns.

One thing I found via some googling (the documentation is not clear on this at all) is that you can accomplish both autocomplete and add another functionality in the concept set UI configuration using both “autocomplete: true” and “allowAddMore: true”, as follows:

            "Patient category" : {
                "required": false,
                "autocomplete": true,
                "allowAddMore": true

In general, the documentation needs a lot more examples as to the kind of combinations that are supported. For example, I googled and was brought here, which describes using the combination of “autocomplete: true” and “multiselect”: { “type” : grid }, together, but this didn’t work for me. It’s unclear if this combination is supported in certain views, is outdated, etc.

I ended up discovering the above by finding an example in the default config here.

It would be awesome to have a comprehensive reference guide that describes all of the possible attributes and values, which ones can be used together and which cannot (eg. can a dropdown and multiselect both be used), and screenshots that show what to expect when various combinations are chosen.

Thanks, Mike