Move my orderentryui module over to OpenMRS?

I’ve been working on an orderentryui module at

My immediate concern is to have something ready for anyone who needs this for Ebola. But I think this is probably worth including in the reference application for the next release.

Should I move this over to the openmrs organization?

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Thanks @darius! At our last manager’s meeting the medical director specifically asked where the OpenMRS order-entry was. We will need an order-entry interface probably in the next 6-months here at HHF.

Based on what you showed a couple of days ago, i think with alittle more work, we can get it ready to be added to the ref app.

So, my main question is: should I move the repo over to OpenMRS? @burke, I’m mainly looking to you for this. (I assume yes, this is going to be OpenMRS code, not my code, and it will be included in the reference applicaiton.)

How about having a showcase – e.g., pre-announced to be on an upcoming dev or design forum, so whoever is interested/curious can join – and then making the decision – i.e., is this something that the community wants to adopt & maintain?

I guess we can try that out, as a general process. I’ll announce discussing it on Monday’s design forum.

That said, I don’t think

“is this something that the community wants to adopt & maintain?”

is answerable, but rather:

“is this something that a core group of interested people think the community wants, and will commit OpenMRS to maintaining?”