More than one patient on one bed - In patient vs Bed Management module

Local Environment

In Bed Management if you select an occupied bed then the allocated patient’s details appear instead of allowing to allocate 2nd patient which was the case in In Patient module.

The In-patient module one can select an occupied bed to allocate the bed again for another patient.

It asks this confirmation message

But allows to have 2 patients on one bed

This feature is important in villages / overcrowded area with lesser facilities / in case of outbreaks where the hospital arranges make-shift beds.

Can this feature be part of new bed management module too? @angshuonline

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The new module was a contribution from a project, and the idea is to replace the old one when we reach feature parity!! Unfortunately, this was never prioritised, as existing user bases never migrated to new one - as they were happy with the older UI/UX. If you would want to use the new one, please have a look at the differences mentioned in the WIKI before you decide. If you would want to bring this feature in, and possibly contribute -you are most welcome. We will look forward to support you.