Month names in Turkish on Appointment Scheduling > Manage Provider Scheduling

On if you log in as admin and go to Appointment Scheduling > Manage Provider Scheduling you can see that month and weekday names seems to be in …Turkish!?

Is there an issue covering this bug or should I create a new one? Best Regards, Tomasz Mueller

Hi Tomasz,

I also checked the calendar view for appointment scheduling and the month/week names is appearing in Turkish. I couldn’t find a JIRA issue for the same however it’s a bug that needs a fix. Should this be a part of the Appointment module?

Regards, Manika Maheshwari

Hi Manika, I created an issue about it in Reference Application. If you think this should be a part of Appointment Module, please create another issue in that project and link it with RA-665.

Regards, Tomasz Mueller