Modules on openmrs versions

I have a module that is designed to run on openmrs version 1.9.9 and when I uplaode it on version 1.11.5, I get this error Error while trying to start module, Module requires version matching . Current code version is 1.11.5 Anyone who know why that would be happening? The module in question is dataintegrity

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@pascal @valvijo @larslemos can you try loading that module on your machine and see if you can replicate that?

I got Data Integrity v4.4.1 to run on Platform v2.0.5. It may be a problem with version checking on v1.11.x, or it might be expected behaviour, I’m not sure.

If you change the version in the Data Integrity POM and rebuild it, does it run as expected?

Try a mvn clean install for the module as suggested here …upload the new .omod and see if it works.