Modules for billing

Hi OpenMRS Experts,

I’m exploring the possibilities of OpenMRS. I looked at the demo and also at the source code, but I did not find billing functionality. There is a GitHub - hispindia/his-billing: Billing Module module, but I am not sure if it is up-to-date, and whether it works with the new version (version w with rectJS). My question is: where can I see examples of billing, and what modules are needed for this?

Thank you.

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Its not update. Kindly Bahmni offers billing features through its OpenERP integration. For more info kindly follow this link

jwnasambu Thank you for the link. As I can see the Odoo ERP is used, and I can reuse a bunch of the modules for integration with them

Hi @yaroslav, you may also be interested in Ozone, see Ozone HIS - OpenMRS Talk


Hi @mksd. Thank you, I definitely take a look at this.