Modifying ref app 2.x users reverting


I am new to openmrs, currently just learning about the system to help with a trial at a hospital in the ME. My goal is to get a system up using openHMIS and see the basic steps to using it and administering it.

Currently my strategy has been to install the reference app and modules (not standalone), and then make modifications toward something like the hospital might use.

The issue I’m having now is that some of the changes I make to the system don’t seem to persist. I changed the hospital name from Amani Hospital to the local hosptial name, and registered a patient. These changes seem to persist when I shut down the openmrs app and then restart it. But I also modified the doctor user name, login and some roles, and these seem to revert back to those that came with the 2.x reference app when tomcat has been shutdown and restarted.

Hoping for any help on this issue. Also, I’m wondering if this would be a reasonable way to deploy this system for a small hospital - that is, to install the reference app and then modify it to suite the particular hospital? Thirdly, what is the best way to shut down the openmrs application?


Hi Matthew. It sounds like you are on the right track.

I ran into the same issue with the users/providers being overwritten. As a work-around I created new accounts and retired the ones from the demo data.

You should remove the Reference Demo Data module–that is where that demo data comes from.

To deploy OpenMRS at a hospital, and handle things like billing, stock management, and labs, you have several options:

  1. Use the Bahmni distribution:
  2. Use OpenHMIS’s modules (I’m not sure if they all work on top of the reference application or you need to run them on the legacy UI)
  3. Starting from the reference application will require some software development (beyond just configuration) for some key workflows

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for your answers.

I was also just wondering about the last question - is there any special way to shut down the reference application? Can I just terminate the tomcat service, or should I be careful to stop openmrs in the tomcat manager? Not sure if that question deserves a new thread.

Edit: Doing these tests on Windows, I just found the shutdown.bat script of tomcat. I’m thinking that is the right way.

Right now the vision is to use openHMIS at the hospital. The idea of doing some software development worries me a bit since I haven’t done much of this in java especially for a web system. I may try looking into this, but also the hospital will likely have some more help from people who have more of this experience in the future.