Modemstick & GSM SIM cards for synchronisation

Here in Rwanda Particularly Kayonza and Kirehe Eastern part and Burera Northern Part have adopted the use of GSM simcard to connect Child Servers with the Parent Server through the Creation of special APN that doesn’t require internet. This made Synchronisation Possible and and protect Patient data on the local databases.

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Thanks for sharing this @ikarera! Very interesting.

Do you have any other technical information available about how this was done? If you can share more details here, people would be very interested to learn more.

It might also be interesting to demonstrate the system in an upcoming OpenMRS developers forum. If you (or someone else from your team) would like to do so, please contact @burke to get that scheduled.

This was an overview of how system here works but thechnically it can be done. we have a lot to share on this.

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