Missing repository to deploy released Bahmni artifacts

Hi guys,

In order to move away from an aligned versioning across all Bahmni components (0.91-SNAPSHOT, 0.92-SNAPSHOT…), and to allow other projects depend on individual Bahmni components, we should move to:

  • independent version number for each module/component. Each module is then referred by its required version in a distribution
  • proper Maven-like releases, where “-SNAPSHOT” is removed on the release point, a commit is made on this new version (+ a tag), and the next development added with “-SNAPSHOT” version is then set.
  • use SemVer

This is documented and implemented for Bahmni IE Apps BAH-1028.

However, Bahmni IE Apps 1.0.0 does not get deployed by the Bahmni CI.

From @binduak 's input:
Looks like there is no endpoint specified in the pom.xml that accepts releases:


I am guessing we should add a repository section for the released artifacts.

@angshuonline, @binduak what is that release URL?

Note, I also thought we don’t use the s3:// protocol anymore and use https:// instead. Is this correct?

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  • To get around for now, you can just replace S3 with https.
  • for release management, we have a bahmni nexus repo and we are moving all artefacts to that.
  • In the long run, we would like to move our release and build as well to github actions, instead of relying on bamboo/GoCD/travis etc.

Great, thanks for the clarification @angshuonline

Is this the repo in question?

If so, I’ll add it to the Bahmni IE Apps pom.

To get around the temporary problem, yes you can replace s3 with http. However, the IE apps pipeline in Bahmni CI would have to be modified to publish to sonatype for snapshot and release. You may create a card for this on JIRA. I think we should have a broader discussion and decisions on versioning and release mgmts. Github actions is really impressive; I think we should have a discussion on this on community calls. Feel free to suggest the topic for one of the PAT calls.

OK thanks. Yes, let’s discuss that on next PAT call.