Missing bahmni-web directory

Hello Community

This latest bahmni 0.92 on Centos 7 is realy problematic. I have been trying to have it working for more than 2 weeks now with no luck. I keep hitting stumbling blocks. Is there any thread I can follow that has all known issues and all changes that came with this release. It’s really frustrating. today I did a comparison of my Development environment (Bahmni 0.91 on Centos 6.9). One of the things I noticed was that there is no /opt/bahmni-web/ directory when after installation, therefore the application does not load on the browser. This is the page I get when I hit the IP. I have re-installed and changed my configurations so many times

Then its not installed. I don’t think your installation was correct. Regarding your other problems with installation, I think couple of them were due to invalid characters in your inventory file.

As of now, we know of

  1. Prerequisite of zlib to be installed - which is already reported and tested
  2. There is a potential systemd related error (not yet verified) on centos7.7. I hope that this is not your issue, as the issues that you are reporting are not for this.

There are reports of challenges being faced in multi-machine deploy. But thats more due to permissions required for ansible to provision and install bahmni.

What version of CentOS 7 are you using? and which distro? Please use CentOS7.6 or lower MINIMAL distro.

I did everything as per installation instructions. I even ended up changing the architecture to just 1 server for both application and database. My Centos version is as below

   # rpm -q centos-release

Can you try with 7.6 or earlier? 7.7 was released on Sept 20, and I think there are few reported problems with Systemd. We are still investigating.

In your system, install just EMR to start with

bahmni -I local --only bahmni-emr install

@tapologo are you still having this problem?

I have checked with @laxman and possible team, and with the updated zlib version, they are able to install Bahmni without any problem? If you still have issues, why not join the stand up call on Monday, 9 am UTC. You can find zoom call details on WIKI.

@angshuonline, yes I am. I have asked the sysadmin team to downgrade the OS to 7.6 but I am available for the call.