Minor release: OpenMRS Core 2.1.1

@mksd did you take a look at this? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+Platform+Release+Process

Yes I believe I did :slight_smile:

The only script that exists I think shows SQL differences pre-2.x. https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Finding+Database+Changes+Between+Releases

I think that script no longer works, we need to fix it to work with 2.x. Alternatively you could run a diff of the 2.x liquibase file in the maintenance branch against that of the most recent tag.

@mksd don’t forget to release the version in jira

I have updated the release process documentation to describe how to release the version in jira.

Thanks for this @wyclif, but yes indeed, I don’t have the privilege to release it.

@mksd can you try again now?

Yes thanks, however what I am supposed to do here?

@dkayiwa the build already exist, and it’s in fact #54 that is not offered here?

P.S. @wyclif good to know that the Bamboo release can be triggered from here! Does it also work for modules?

Since you already released, choose “with no build”

Ah ok that was to run the release stage on an existing build, got it.

Ok, done!

Modules can be released directly in bamboo, I’ve never tried it in jira though because normally it’s already done by the time you release it in jira anyways.