Minor mistakes on several pages (must be verified)

Hi! I have found several minor mistakes on main page and wiki, so I’ve decided to write a post about it to let other contributors verify it.


The GCI slide of the slideshow on the OpenMRS main page consists of two links - the image itself, and the learn more… hyperlink, which are different. The one in the image is a dead link.


Well, it’s a detail, but I have probably found a mistake repeated multiple times in the docs (step by step installation). You can find it here, on the wiki and inside the developer’s manual gitbook [also its pdf counterpart]).

Whenever the docs say that we have to run mvn jetty:run command, probably the right one is mvn jetty:run-war. Why?

I have little knowledge about Jetty and Maven, but according to Jetty plugin docs, mvn jetty:run causes the webapp to launch straight from the source, not from compiled *.war file. The problem is that when we run the webapp straight from the source, all of the placeholders/properties (which are filled with the actual constants when the *.war file is compiled using mvn clean install) remain untouched.

As the only placeholders/properties are located in one paragraph on the index page of the webapp only, it’s not a problem at the moment (except the version of the platform is not displayed properly), but in future it might cause some issues.

Here’s a comparison: https://imgur.com/a/EtyXIO0



Hey @anuar2k,

Thanks for the potential mistakes unmasked :smile:

Well with mvn jetty:run, its of great use for some use cases. I personally at times wanna start my server out of the box directly from the source.

Well I believe we could also add leaf about mvn jetty:run-war to just widen options of deploying openmrs :wink:



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Hi, I’ve compiled and built it with just mvn jetty:run and had no problems.

Both commands work! Thanks for verifying this :slight_smile: