Migrating Patient Demographic info into OPENMRS

Hello friends,

Can someone please help me with instructions how to import the following “sample” data into OpenMRS? Is the Bahmni import feature customizable? I have all of the fields set up as attributes in OpenMRS. The current data is in an xls spreadsheet. I apologize but I need a detailed “how to”.

I ONLY need these fields…no visits, encounters or previous record.

Here is a snapshot of the data.

Thank you so much, in advance! Denise

Hi Denise,

Please refer to the link below. https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Migrate+Patient+and+Encounter+Data

Thanks @vmalini that works great for the “standard” name, address, ID and gender fields but I am also trying to populate 3 additional person_attribute fields. I was able to load just fine but I would like to know if there is a way to modify so ALL of the fields could be imported?

@dnelson, try setting your column heading to “Attribute.Name Of person_attribute”

@darius, you are the MAN! Such a simple thing that would make the documentation so much more effective! THANK YOU so much!

@dnelson, documentation is a work in progress. :slight_smile:

Where would you have expected to see this? On this page in the example patient.csv file?

Yes, I didn’t mean it to be critical. Just a brief statement would suffice. :slight_smile:

Another item is that I couldn’t seem it upload without pre-assigning the ID but then when I tried to add a patient after the import migration, I received this error:

I’m guessing the last value is stored in a table but I can’t risk “breaking” something at this point. Can you please let me know what I need to do to set it so it assigns number after last importing ID? I believe I figured it out, but updating the idgen_seq_id_gen “next_sequence_id” column. :slight_smile: and possibly, updating the idgen_log_entry?

Also, is there anyway to have address push to OpenERP? Is that configurable? I’m sorry…there is so much to learn and figure out…BUT I absolutely love this product and have learned so much! You guys truly are the best support team I have ever worked with.

I didn’t take it critically. I added a line to this wiki page.

I am not the authority on the recommended way to solve this, but since the weekend in India has already begun, I’m going to try answering…

You do need to manually assign the IDs in the upload, but this will not automatically inform the Identifier Generator that you’ve done this.

Ideally, before you import the CSV, you go to the admin UI, Manage Patient Identifier Sources, and then View the appropriate one. Then you use “Export Identifiers” to generate the right number of identifiers for the patients you’re going to import, and copy-paste these into your CSV before uploading. This will advance the internal counter associated with that identifier generator.

You could also Export Identifiers after the CSV upload, and this should work fine.

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this.

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@dnelson patient details(including address) automatically sync from OpenMRS to OpenERP. We do have the ability to change some of these patient details in OpenERP, but that information does not sync back to OpenMRS.

Thank you @vmalini for your response. Unfortunately, the address is not synching up automatically. I’d also like DOB sent.