Migrate Reference Terms

In Admin --> CSV Upload it seems to be a way to import Reference Terms? But how do you go about exporting Reference Terms? This page in wiki seems to be incomplete? https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Migrate+Reference+Terms

@cioan, I think the idea is that you’d construct the CSV of reference terms that you want to import, not that you would export it from somewhere else. I don’t know the correct format, though.

(That wiki page is definitely a placeholder for the topic. @gsluthra can comment further on that.)

what would be a use case to migrate the reference terms?

I think what @cioan is trying to do is to export from his Bahmni instance a complete and comprehensive CSV file of concepts that could then be re-imported into a new Bahmni instance to set up all of the same constructs. So, although the CSV import supports multiple reference terms per concept, the CSV export does not write all of these back out again.

The usefulness of this is that one could set up all of their metadata via the UI if desired, and then use the exporter tool to ensure their configuration could be saved, version controlled, and later imported to get back to this state.

Is this true? Am I understanding correctly @cioan?

Thank you all for your responses. The use case @mseaton presented is very valid for our implementations. But the question I posted here came from trying to follow the instructions outlined here in the Bahmni wiki: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Configure+Diagnosis+Tab Setup Diagnoses using CSV Upload

  1. Create and upload the Concept Reference Terms. While uploading, choose the option for Concept Reference Term Sample file: Diagnosis_Reference_Terms.csv

So @darius, here is a sample file that outlines the format of the CSV file, but I thought that because we have a way to import reference terms via CSV upload there would also be a way to export reference terms into CSV format from a different OpenMRS instance. I was just trying to import a few diagnoses from a different Bahmni instance to test out a few UI screens.

We would love to see a case when bhamni is using CIEL dictionary :slight_smile: