microfrontend tickets

hi community, i am asking that which repository should i clone in order to work on microfrontend tickets @jwnasambu @samuel34 @mherman22 @jnsereko

Hi @allan! Before you dive into microfrontend tickets, have you checked out the Frontend Squad’s project page as well as their Implementer Guide & Developer Guide? Chances are you’ll find the answer to that and discover critical information about getting started in one of those three places.


thank you @jennifer. sure let me check there

@allan don’t hesitate to ask any question in this channel. It has helped me alot.

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i keep learning new stuff here, thanks to the community

hey @jnsereko what do i put as the workspace url?

Sorry, i haven’t gotten you pretty well here

when i click on the link, it redirects me to a slack log in page where they request for a work space.slack.com to continue. so what do they need here? thank you

Hi @allan Our community uses different communication tools to get work done. Talk is one of them. The Frontend Squad uses Slack for day-to-day communication about their current work. In order to join their Slack channel, you’ll need to create a Slack account (if you don’t have one) and then have the option to join the OpenMRS workspace.

thank you so much @jennifer.

Punch in this openmrs.slack.com

still failing at the log in page