Microfrontend and RFC Proposals: We need your input

Hey Everyone

A gentle reminder for everyone to review the RFC proposal that is currently in circulation for comment on github https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-rfc-frontend/pull/13.

Also note the summary of the last weeks minutes Micro Frontends Architecture for OpenMRS which clarify next steps in the project moving forward.

How do I join the conversation?

On Slack using the self register https://slack.openmrs.org/ (in google chrome) Join the #microfrontend channel

Ref: Micro Frontends Architecture for OpenMRS

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I’ve struggled a bit with the Frontend RFC process. Maybe I’m approaching it the wrong way, but there are several challenges with the current approach from my perspective:

  • Using unmerged PRs makes it hard to see the proposal itself.
    • The default view is discussion about the PR and not the proposal itself
    • Navigating to the proposal is obfuscated (e.g., click on link to proposal repo if you know where to find it, click on “text” folder, click on the correct file)
  • Numbering RFCs in a “text” folder is cumbersome (e.g., finding out what the “right” number to use)
  • It’s not clear where to take discussion on merged RFCs
  • Important discussion on design ideas is done separately from the OpenMRS Talk forum.
  • There aren’t links to RFCs other than through Github file browser

Some thoughts on an alternative approach for RFCs that might address some of those challenges:

  • Make default page be a list of RFCs or “table of contents”
    • The overview of the RFC could be moved to a secondary page)
    • PRs would include a link to themself as an update to that README page
  • Drop the numbers from RFC file names so the only requirement is the “file” name be unique
  • Ask PRs to include a link to themself (the actual proposal page in the source repo) in the description of the PR, so anyone browsing to the PR would see a “View the proposal” before any conversation about it.
  • By convention, include a link to a Talk topic for discussion of the RFC (e.g., create a “Frontend RFC: Browser Support” labeled with “rfc” that gives an overview of the RFC and a link to review the full text of the RFC and then add the link to that Talk topic in the RFC itself… like a "Questions/concerns? Discuss on OpenMRS Talk).
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