MF - Move search E2E test into a new workflow

Hello everyone.

There are a set of scenarios that we can test on the search workflow. Therefore, @jayasanka pointed out a task to move the search workflow into a new workflow. Ticket - MF-900. I’ll be working on that issue and will use this thread to provide updates as well as request suggestions for resolving any difficulties that arise.

Thank you.

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Great to have you in the QA team @pasindur2. I anxiously look forward to seeing how this workflow will do the magic of automating the functionality.

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Need assistance with renaming existing and new folders and files. Hereby I added a screenshot of the way I renamed it. Any suggestions on this?

cc: @jayasanka , @kdaud

Thank you @kdaud.

The suggested one is smart enough. Keep up the good work :fireworks:

Okay @kdaud Thank you.

The Pr is sent for the ticket MF-900. But there are some falling test workflows. Because of that, I marked the PR as a draft to resolve the failing problems. Please review the pr and let me know any changes to be made. PR link

Thank you

There was some random error in the new patient search workflow that I created with this PR. And the workflow is failing because of the error.

  • Mostly the Search button will not be detected and it won’t click. It says this element is not visible

I tried to figure it out with some various changes but failed to resolve it.

  1. Reried with increasing waiting time in patient search feature file.

The issue is same not fixed.

  1. Set workflow to double click the Search button.

It will crash the second example testing. First example passed.

I made my pull request ready to review Please review it. Thank you.

cc: @jayasanka