Mentors: We need MOAR intro tasks :) :)


Lets face it, we all want good student for our projects. The competition among students is fierce right now, and we want to encourage them as much as possible by helping them to succeed. And to do so, we need intro tickets, as a way of getting students involved, and helping them be better candidates.

Right now, we have a problem. We NEED more intro tasks for students to work on.

Can I ask @wyclif, @raff, @maurya, @teleivo and others to take a few minutes to create ntro tasks on their projects? this would be really helpful to us all!!!


@surangak I already created intro tasks, they are just tagged with gsoc-2016

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Thats great! I took the liberty of also adding the intro label, just in case students come looking :slight_smile:

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I believe that potential students (I’m included) can try and work on tickets tagged community priority as well. These are valuable to the community and high priority.

Having worked on two of these, I can definitely say that you end up learning and contributing more through these tickets :slight_smile:

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