Meeting Planning

We’ve started to put together a folder of materials for planning implementers’ meetings, or similar OpenMRS events. Pretty much the only thing there now is a document that describes (but doesn’t yet prioritize) some selection criteria.

We wanted to be clear from the beginning about a privacy policy - to make this information public, except for a few categories of information where privacy might reasonably be expected. Here’s a draft privacy policy for this information. I’d welcome any comments.

all meeting planning materials are public except for the following items: item level detailed budgets and supporting documentation, contracts or negotiations with vendors or sponsors pertaining to the event, information identifying scholarship applicants/recipients/funding, or other meeting materials referring to circumstances in which an outside party has a reasonable expectation of privacy. If you need access to those materials, please contact the Leadership Team on Talk to be connected with whoever currently has responsibility for this material

Other categories that should not automatically be public? Note that these categories, except for item level budgets (which can compromise privacy of scholarship recipients), have to do with documents between OpenMRS and others. Internal OpenMRS meeting planning documents are (and will continue to be) public, with the exceptions notes.