MDR-TB Module Compatibility


Just wondering if anybody using the mdr-tb module. Module itself is compatible with version 1.9.1, is there any plan for upgrade it to be compatible with the latest version?

Thank you

@maimoonak @ahabib @mseaton @ball any comments on this? :slight_smile:

From the PIH end, unfortunately we don’t have any plans to upgrade it at this time. I believe it works with 1.10.x, @ahabib may have information of any support beyond that.

Take care, Mark

No plans here either. The one implementation we currently support is currently still on omrs 1.6

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I suppose we should use endTB program from Bahmni going forward, I don’t have much insight into it, can anybody confirm if we should use endTB instead of mdr-tb module going forward?

Hi Vamsi,

The endTB program from Bahmni does indeed cater to the requirements of most MDR-TB programs and its functionality exceeds that of the MDR-TB module in many ways - mainly in that it allows much deeper monitoring of patient treatment progress, adherence, drug side effect management and tracking, and a larger array of lab tests out of the box than the MDR-TB module does because it was designed for patients who were on new MDR-TB drugs (bedaquiline and delamanid) and required even closer monitoring than MDR-TB patients generally do. If you are setting this up as a standalone system (i.e. it is not linked to an existing OpenMRS implementation) then it probably makes a lot of sense to go with Bahmni assuming you have (or can get) the capacity to install and configure (and/or customize) the system as you need to. If you’re setting this up as part of an existing (non-Bahmni) OpenMRS setup, then you many want to consider the MDR-TB module.


Ali Habib Chief Executive Officer Interactive Health Solutions

Thank you so much Ali for detailing this.

Yes we are setting up fresh instance, we have looked at endTB installation guide and looks straight forward. One thing we didn’t find is sample data for endTB so that we can better understand detailed features of it.

Thank you again for clarifying it for us.

Regards, Vamsi

Thanks @ahabib for giving a more detailed explanation than I did… I, too, would recommend looking at endTB and seeing if it meets your needs.

Take care, Mark