Maven throws Exception

Am trying to build my project but during the process maven clean install (command) throws exception with a hint “The goal you specified requires a project to execute but there is no POM in this directory”. Here is the full log of exception

It’s because your are not in the root directory of your project. Or you might not having the pom.xml in developer directory.

Change your current working directory to the root of your project and then run the command

@vankineenitawrun, the command pwd indicates am already in the root directory of the project

@kdaud does the folder “Developer” contain a pom.xml file? If it doesn’t then that is the reason maven is throwing that error.

Oh No, have realized that a pom.xml file is missing in the project. Am going to fix it out. Thanks devs @irenyak1, @vankineenitawrun for helping me figure out the issue


Oh my God! This is exiting, the project now builds success after fixing the missing pom.xml file