Mapping OpenMRS Locations to OpenERP Location

If we create location hierarchy in OpenMRS how to map the same hierarchy in OpenERP? Do we have to recreate the same in OpenERP?

Hello Ramashish,

OpenMRS locations and OpenERP locations configurations have their own workflows and are not dependent/related, hence we do not map them. In OpenMRS our location define various physical locations in the hospital and we further refine it by defining if it is a Login, Visit or Admission location. in OpenERP location defines the physical warehouse where the drugs are located so they can be moved for dispensing based on availability.

Both (OpenMRS and OpenERP) are representing physical locations. The warehouse may be located within a hospital so it can be treated as an additional location along with Visit location or Admission location. Since we are talking about integrated system, I think making locations visible to both systems and representing same hierarchy may help. Otherwise similar hierarchy need to be recreated in the other.

Some more clarifications will help.

OpenMRS Locations are usually locations which patients visit. Patients won’t be visiting warehouse locations. The OpenERP locations are usually related to stock management… that is places where stock may be kept/moved from. This is why people usually configure different locations in OpenMRS, and different in OpenERP.

In your case do you want to keep them both exactly the same?

There is a possibility of transferring items from warehouse type of location to other locations in the hospital e.g. allocating linen to a ward. In such cases, ward location may be duplicate. So rather than creating some locations in OpenMRS and some in OpenERP, should that not be centrally created in OpenERP import in other systems as required? So in larger sense, should OpenERP be at the core as far as master data creation is concerned?