Mange Module doesnt open

Am having difficulty opening the Manage Modules on Ref App gives me 404 error, any solutions please? @irenyak1 @herbert24

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build the latest version of the reference app module and deploy that

@odorajonathan what would you like to do? I have tried it also right now and it is not working but you could go through the advanced administration>>>. then under modules there’s manage modules.

What do you want to do?

I wanted to run a local instance for the ticket I was working on before I could proceed to the next steps

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@irene since he is running on local host,it cannot work on your side.

which module do want to deploy?

Can you try with this following URL? (Change the version tag according to your installed SysAdmin version)


wanted to deploy the LegacyUI module

@suthagar23 looks like it doesnt work either still responds with the same output

have you checked and changed your version Id tag in the URL?

Yes @suthagar23 it’s working after I changed the version id tag