Mandatory fields when saving locations

Hello Community

I was saw the solution for this somewhere but I couldn’t find it when searching, I am trying to disable the popup prompt that comes up when trying to add a new Location. The one that requires you to add addresses.

I think It’s a bug with the legacy UI of OpenMRS. Even if you provide the required fields, it throws the error. Right now, we are on 1.3.3 for Legacy UI and we will update to 1.5.0 for 0.93. Not sure if this will get resolved. We will find out soon enough.

For the time being, you need to do the following in the OMRS admin screens

  • Go to “Manage Address Hierarchy” and make the levels as non-mandatory
  • Go back to Manage Locations, edit and save
  • Come back to “Manage Address Hierarchy” and make the required levels mandatory
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Thanks @angshuonline, that’s the workaround I was looking for

Thanks for the workaround. Before reading this, I do it using sql queries directly.