Application Name: openmrs-standalone 2.5 Version Number: 2.5

Question: I am using Appointment Module 1.8.0.omod.It worked fine although but It show the Information in wrong column.Here is the screen shot

On Date Column It shows the Patient Name, on Time column it shows the Date etc. How to fix this problem Is there any solution for this problem.

Are you able to reproduce it here?

I am getting this error. Your computer is not set to the right time zone. Please change to Coordinated Universal Time and then close and restart your browser to assure proper scheduling functionality.

I changed the timezone but it showing still this error.I posted my query related to standalone 2.5 appointment module.

Can you share the complete url with which you reproduced this on

When I clicked on Appointment Request I get this error.

First login. Then access it again. Interface problem exist also in online demo openmrs. Entries are shown in wrong column.I paste the link above kindly check it. Here is the screen shot.

Just searched appointment from 18/05/2017 to 20/05/2017 as per screenshot info.

I mean this server

Nothing is happening here. First I click on Manage Appointment block and created the block time.As depict in screen shot.

After that next step is to create appointment for patient but I am unable to get the appointment block there.Like this

After this I need to click on Manage Appointment…Don’t know Is am I doing it wrong or Something wrong with the system

Please show me the step.If I am doing it wrong .So I will be able to create appointment for patient.