Making report based on inserted age groups

Dear team Humble greetings! I have currently implemented Bahmni at Hospital and it works fine as far as we have started only with OPD and LAB. The challenge I face right now is how to report different concepts like diagnosis count or lab tests count based on age group of patients. To make my self clear to you I have pictured something like this;

In report panel, it could be better if a user would be able to set the age parameter and also to choose a list of concepts that he/she want to report. A user Can add more age groups by clicking the link “Add Age Group” and also can add the concept(diagnosis) by hitting the link ’ Add Diagnosis’

After getting the report, the below is just the sample of what is needed here

May I find someone here who can help me or guide me on how to implement something like this. Iam newbie to bahmni and the Hospital really is despirate for the reports Thank you all in advance, I am expecting you will be helping me soon.

Hi Gift, User being able to specify such fields while pulling the report, doesn’t exist in bahmni reports. Also there would be so many diagnosis / lab tests that it would be cumbersome for user to everytime specify them. Rather predefined reports seem like a realistic solution. You can try using the “Diagnosis report with age group” described here to see if it comes close to meeting your requirement : You will have to populate reporting_age_group table as described at the beginning of the page.

Thank you @arjun I agree with you suggestion and I start working on that, I will let you know my status

Dear @arjun How then do i access the table in UI? in the guide the explain to make some changes in reporting_age_group table. Then I don’t know how to access that table in the UI Your help please.

The table would be present in openmrs database (mysql) If you are using the default password then mysql -uroot -ppassword mysql> use openmrs; mysql> describe reporting_age_group;

Thank you @arjun I can access the table now.

Hi All I have managed already created age group name in database and want to use it with existing reports in bahmni. But unfortunately I don’t know how to hook it. Anytime I include “ageGroupName”:“My age group name,” in config section I get errors and sometimes do data is displayed. For instance, this is not working too

“OralnDentalReport2”: { “name”: “Dental and Oral Report 2”, “type”: “diagnosisCount”, “config”: { “locationTagNames”:[“Report Location”], “icd10ConceptSource”:“ICD10-BD”, “ageGroupName”: “Diagnosis With Age Group”, “rowsGroupBy”: [ “header_concept_name”, “leaf_concept_name” ], “visitTypes”:[“IPD”,“OPD”], “columnsGroupBy”: [ “gender”, “agegroup_name” ] } },