Making local instance have the same versions of modules as qa-refapp [Resolved]

Currently GitHub Actions runs refapp 2.x automated tests against a local instance which is set in and this instance is not updated with the same versions of modules as qa-refapp server. Its a good idea to have our tests running against an updated instance.

One question that have not figured out the answer!

How can I ensure that the local instance used by GitHub Actions has the same versions of modules as qa-refapp ?

cc: @ibacher @dkayiwa @bistenes @burke

Well, it’s explicitly using the image we use for the demo site. That could be changed to use the qa tag instead of the demo tag.

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Have pulled a request to achieve the goal !

cc: @ibacher @dkayiwa

@kdaud Nice catch , Have this caused any failures on our test cases before ! do think if we are to catch up with current functionalities on demo, reference demodata module will have to be first released to make everything run on same versions with qa instance

Originally the qaframework repo was passing the tests in GitHub Actions(Actions uses a local instance to run build plans) But Bamboo would fail build plans for the same module simply because it uses qa instance. qa instance is an updated server with the current changes of openmrs-referenceapplication distro.

I agree !

Thanks @ibacher @dkayiwa for the guidance :seedling:

The goal is already achieved and now openmrs-contrib-qaframework module is building plans against updated versions of modules for Reference Application.