Make fields optional in Bahmni registration app

Bahmni: Version Number: 0.91.

Question: I need to configure the registration app to make 'Relationship" information optional. Currently the fields under relationship section displays an asterisk () beside them. However, I can save the form without entering any information in the Relationship section. So, I basically need to just remove the asterisk (). Any idea how to do that?

I went to the /opt/bahmni-web/etc/bahmniapps/registration/views/patientRelationshps.html file and removed the asterisks from there. Is that the correct way of doing this?

If you do not enter any relationship, then the fields (relation type, and relation) are not mandatory.

Thanks for your response. You are right, those fields are optional. However, because of the asterisks in the UI - new users believe those fields are mandatory. What is the best way of removing those asterisks?

No other way, other than editing. (On the other hand, this section can remain collapsed, and while entering data the users should be indicated that these fields are mandatory)