Major Spring, Hibernate upgrade, and support for latest Java

In the current snapshot version of the OpenMRS platform, Spring and Hibernate have been upgraded to the latest versions. That is versions 5.2.6.RELEASE and 5.4.15.Final respectively.

A number of other changes have also been made to the OpenMRS platform in order to support versions of Java from 8 up to the latest 14, and travis is now compiling the OpenMRS core platform on Java 8, 11, 13, & 14

As a result, commits have been made to various reference application modules, in order to have then run on this platform. This has all been done in a backwards compatible manner (the same modules should run on lower platform versions), and the snapshot versions of modules can be downloaded here or tested from:

Therefore, for those of you out there, who are using the snapshot version of the platform or modules, if you come across any unexpected errors, reach out to us, just in case we broke something.

Hopefully this will enable us take advantage of the latest security fixes in the upgrades, and also reduce on the number of talk posts from people who fail to compile or run OpenMRS on the latest versions of Java (above 8), that they already have installed on their computers.


Wow, thanks to all who put so much hard work into these upgrades and doing so while maintaining backwards compatibility - it isn’t easy! Great to see the platform move forward with these much needed updates. Thanks for the update @dkayiwa!

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Thanks @dkayiwa for great work , is it fine to return back from this thread for any query regarding spring ,hibernate versions issue outbreaks.

Great work @dkayiwa

thanks @dkayiwa for the effort and will surely report back any challenges faced

Thanks for all your work on this @dkayiwa!

Great work @dkayiwa

Thanks immensely for executing these heavy duty kind of upgrades @dkayiwa and @all. :cowboy_hat_face:

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