LUI-135 Deleting complex obs should not lead to loss of data. Hey everyone, I really am having a problem figuring out what this ticket requires me to do, am not sure whether am making progress through what I have tried to do because i got this pop up message constantly showing up while working on it. xml%20-%20Eclipse%201_13_2019%201_18_34%20PM

Kind of confusing a bit what I should do. Any help would be wonderful.

For the popup, you can click the finish button or just ignore it with the cancel button. Regarding the ticket, the first step would be reproducing the reported problem. Have you done that?

well i referred to I tried to look at this one the problem is with the api pom xml as I saw.

I do not mean where the problem is or where the fix should go. All i mean is that, are you first of all able to reproduce the reported problem?

yes I can try reproducing the problem

After reproducing the problem, we shall guide you to the next step.

You may also find this useful:

OK. I’ll definitely go through that as well

This is what I did trying to access the problem, is this the right track? @dkayiwa

Do you have a running instance of OpenMRS in which you are able to log in?

no I don’t have an instance running

No i dont have a running instance

Can you set up one?

coming right up from this link it says the doc is outdated, should I continue with the guide?

Where does it say so?

The link shows you the alternative to use for the outdated bit.

working on the set up

Yes right now I have an instance of Openmrs running.