Looking for implementors for a project in Morocco

Hi We are looking for implementors for a large hospital (1600 beds) in morocco Thanks

Hi @chekmahir, if you are looking for a solution for such a large hospital I would suggest you the following steps:

  • Checkout Bahmni.
    For such a large hospital I think most people on this forum will agree that Bahmni is a sensible option to look into.
    If Bahmni looks like a suitable possibility, please follow the next steps below.
  • Contact the Bahmni Coalition through the official form here.
  • In your message specify that you are looking to be put in contact with an implementer.
  • Explain in what capacity you are talking about this hospital implementation.
  • As a general matter of fact, provide as many facts and information that you can about this possible implementation:
    • Is there a budget allocated?
    • Is this a public/private hospital, shed some light on the context.
    • What kind of local resources are available?
    • What extent of local infrastructure is already in place?
    • What’s the timeline?
    • What is currently used to document patient care?
    • Is there a larger picture (connection with a national/regional HIS/HIE, DHIS2, … etc)?
    • … etc.

I hope this will provide some avenues for you to move forward.

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Hi Thanks for the reply I do acknowledge the pertinence of BAHMNI the only issue is that as per this project’s RFP, they need either SQL Server or Oracle and as I understand, BAHMNI is using neither… while if I understand correctly openrms can be installed on one of both. please correct my assumptions

What do you mean by ‘SQL Server’? If you mean ‘a SQL-database server’ then that’s fine.

  • Bahmni uses MySQL (OpenMRS) and Postgresql (Odoo, OpenELIS).
  • OpenMRS uses MySQL. Postgres compatibility is on the roadmap.

Support for Oracle is unlikely to ever be on the roadmap for obvious licensing reasons.

However if you meant MS SQL Server then yes, that’s the end of the road with OpenMRS-based solutions. Basically an RFP that says ‘MS SQL Server or Oracle’ can be read as no open source wanted.

P.S. As a very personal note, and from a pure technical standpoint, I never understood why anybody would pick anything else than Postgresql as a relational database management system when entreprise-type scaling is required.

SO no way you can run openmrs on sql server?

If you mean MS SQL Server, then no, that’s a dead end. Again, same as for Oracle, for obvious licensing reasons.

It is not technically impossible of course (and this holds for Oracle as well), but it would likely amount to a lot of dev work that will in all likelihood not be supported by the community.

Thanks In fact we have a team of developers who could do this (MS SQL SERVER) we have experience in migrations/connectors from mysql to ms sql server… … however obviously we would need help from the community in certain aspects… Do you think this would be doable/ supported… the project we are bidding for specifically requested oracle or mssql… but we would need the explicit support/partnership from an official implementer of openmrs… Of course this would open a whole new world of opportunities in french speaking africa… do you think something can be done with openmrs or bahmni?

Thanks a lot.

If you have developers to actually do it, then the community will be there to guide you. :slight_smile:

As @dkayiwa said, you will get the necessary community guidance.

Technically doable, yes.
Supported, it depends by whom. If your group goes through this development, your group will most likely be the one supporting this feature in the future.

Yes you will find that support. The routes to an implementer/service provider might be slightly different depending whether you opt for Bahmni or not.

That’s exciting, and it seems clear that both OpenMRS and Bahmni have a great potential for adoption in that part of the World. And I’m sure that it will also be possible to work with a fully open source stack in a large numbers of places.

I do understand… The only thing is that I need someone with experience in implementing OPENMRS, for RFP Requirements… is there such a concept… certified implementers whom I can add to my team?

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OpenMRS doesn’t quite yet have anything like an implementer programme at the moment. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t OpenMRS implementers around but there is no such “certification”.

Bahmni however does, but you can only trigger this process by contacting the Bahmni Coalition as I indicated in my first response. I may very well be the one raising the hand on behalf of my organisation, but I can only do so if you formally request to be put in touch with a service provider/implementer from the Bahmni Coalition.

Bahmni is most likely the distribution of OpenMRS that you are looking for, however Bahmni will require a lot more work to ensure that it works outside of MySQL and Postgresql.
Should you want to make Bahmni compliant with your RFP you will have to:

  1. Get OpenMRS to run against Oracle/MS SQL Server (instead of MySQL).
  2. Get OpenELIS to run against Oracle/MS SQL Server (instead of Postgresql).
  3. Get Odoo to run against Oracle/MS SQL Server (instead of Postgresql).
  4. At least dcm4che seems to be configurable against multiple database servers (see here for example).

Thank you for raising your hand! and I do formally request to be put in touch with a service provider/implementer from the Bahmni Coalition in fact the thing i am worried about is odoo…I don’t know how easy it will be to make it sql server compatible, it it really opensource? Thanks

Great, please do this here and refer to my first response to this thread.

Thanks @chekmahir, your request has been posted.
It would have been helpful to provide a bit more information than a one-liner.

I know… I just wanted to start a discussion is there anything i can do?

For general implementation guidance you can use the implementation toolkit I built for eSaude community at www.esaude.org. You can definitely get help from the community as well with questions about implementation.

We are starting a service provider program to help connect folks for implementation and development, but it’s in an early stage still.

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In fact I have the full RFP but it’sin french… Here you go

@chekmahir, so here is a thread about a comparable hospital: ‘OpenMRS considerations for large hospital.
This thread was the subject of the 2016-11-09 Design Forum, see the minutes here.

I am not sure if it would be necessary to discuss your implementation specifically as I suspect that the conclusions would likely be the same. The bottom line being that it will require horizontal scaling (JVM clustering).

Please let me know your thoughts.