Looking at How Might We...? From Different Perspectives

A few weeks ago, I kicked off our operational planning for CY19 by talking about a brainstorming session held at OMRS18 where we let our imaginations run wild as we responded to six "How might we…?" questions.

As I mentioned, we ended up with more than 1,550 ideas! This averages out to roughly 260 ideas per question, and if you haven’t already come across them, you can go to the OpenMRS blog for an overall summary and @gschmidt’s blog to read the summaries for each of the six questions.

We also thought we’d look at your ideas and see what emerged if we looked at them from three different lenses: community, technology, and organization. Here are the key points that came out:


  • Improve marketing and messaging.
  • Expand the community by reaching out and engaging potential members.
  • Engage the community by reaching out to current members, involving more stakeholders, and organizing a variety of meetings.
  • Strengthen community through capacity building


  • Update and improve documentation.
  • Greater support for implementation
  • Easier installation and updates.
  • Common application that is built for scale.
  • Broadened functionality and new technologies


  • Establish regional or local communities
  • Encourage government engagement and other partnerships
  • Increase contributions to the community
  • Increase sustainable funding

You can read more about the specific ideas associated with each of these points on the OpenMRS blog - and share your thoughts, comments, and ideas for making any of these happen here on Talk!

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