Login to Wiki and Jira was down

Sorry peeps, I saw the alarm but my day has been erratic.

I restarted the server, and it’s back working.

Side note: do you know anyone who would be willing to help me answering this kind of request? I’m not always available :slight_smile:


Another update: I do have some improvements to try to get our login more stable. Again, if I had help that could happen faster :smiley:

What are the requirements? I desire to be of help.

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Hi @jwnasambu,

To help me with incidents, it would be nice to have someone used to ops tasks (ssh, linux command line, restarting services, docker, logs, monitoring and similar). Someone used to not doing things manually too.

To help me with the ID clean up, it’s more SQL/rest/scripting skills. You can see all the tickets in TODO for the epic.

I believe you could potentially help me a lot with the epic.

Hi @cintiadr I’m available for the ops tasks. Feel free to ping me.