log4j Log File not getting created in openerp-atomfeed-service

Hi everyone,I have made some small changes to OpenERPDrugServiceEventWorker.java in package package org.bahmni.feed.openerp.worker of “openerp-atomfeed-service”.

Following is the change I made in mapRequest() :
private OpenERPRequest mapRequest(Event event) throws IOException {
String drugJson = webClient.get(URI.create(urlPrefix + event.getContent()));
logger.warn("THIS IS MY EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
logger.info("THIS IS MY EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
OpenMRSDrug drug = ObjectMapperRepository.objectMapper.readValue(drugJson, OpenMRSDrug.class);

    return new OpenERPRequest("atom.event.worker", "process_event", buildParameters(event,drug));  

log4j.xml :

After compiling it,I copied the newly generated .war file and replaced it with the existing .war file in my vagrant.But the service is unable to create the log file in /var/www even after changing the permissions for the directory.
I even tried to compile the .war files without any changes,but it still did not create the log file.

If anyone knows the solution,kindly help me out.
Krishnan Menon