Location specific information on Discharge and Visit Summary

One of the recent implementations has Group of Hospitals ->Physical Location 1 (with their own logo, address etc.) ->Physical Location 2 (with their own logo, address etc.) ->Physical Location 3 (with their own logo, address etc.)

Requirements - Discharge Summary and Visit Summary should print physical location specific logo, name and address.

Issue - The printing config of visit.json mentioned in here is not location specific

Following steps used to resolve this issue

  1. Created “Logo” as new Location Attribute in OpenMRS
  2. From Manage Locatoin in OpenMRS set “Logo” to the appropriate path eg. …/images/physicallocation1logo.png referring to the folder /opt/bahmni-web/etc/bahmniapps/images/
  3. Also set the address and Description of the location
  4. Data binding using $scope.visitHistory.visits for the selected visit’s uuid - $scope.visitUuid. As mentioned here