Location Based Access - Patient not found in the system

Reference Application 2.9.1 Hi all.

i know that this module it’s still in test or beta, but i use it anyway, because i need that feature.

i follow the steps on the official documentation, download the omod, change the register patient json, add the location to all my users and providers, and change the global property to change my login screen.

my implementation use all the Required Modules up to date, so, the module should be work, right?

So, i created a patient with a user with the permissions and the location assigned. i add the same location of the user to that patient. but, when i finish the registration, the screen “Patient Not Found in the system” is displayed. i can’t find that patient with that user, and both of them have the same location assigned. the other users with the same location can’t find that user too.

So, Are there any more steps to be taken? maybe a user special role that he have not yet been assigned?

So, i find some privileges created by the Location Based Access omod, i assigned that privileges to my users and the problem continues.

Other things that i do was [edited]:

  • Restart tomcat
  • Restart my server
  • place manually the UUID of the location to the patient on the SQL, on the person_attribute table (it was put there anyway).
  • I also find the table User_Property to find some problem there with the location UUID. everithing is fine but the problem continues :confused:

Are you able to see any patients when you log in with an account that has the System Developer role? How are you searching for patients? By typing the first three characters?

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your reply.

System Developers can see all the patients without problems. the other team members search the patient with the first and last name, and sometimes with the OpenMRS ID. but when i activate the Location Based Access Module, they can’t search or find anyone :confused: even if they registered the patient themselves.

Which version of the location based access control module are you running?

cc @suthagar23

i’m running 0.2.0, i try with the 0.1.1 and have the same issues :confused:

Can you share your server side log via pastebin.com?

Hi @elkinleon,

I just created a new instance of Ref App 2.10, and installed LBAC module 0.2.0. I did all the necessary configurations, and created two users with different access locations.

  1. When you create new user / change the location of the user - App UI module mistakenly puts a null string in-front of the first locationUUID (new bug, but you can fix it by removing this null string at the moment - Go to System Administration -> Advanced Administration -> Manage users -> Advance Options -> remove and save).
  2. Further don’t forget to assign the roles (Register Patients, and Uses Patient Summary) to the users.
  3. After I registered with one user, and checked with patient summary - I can able to access that patient and see the summary
  4. Logged in with a different user (different access location) - I can’t access that patient information.

So seems, the modules is working without any issues, Have to check on configurations again.

One more matter, If you created the patient before installing LBAC (before configuring patient registration app definition) - That patient doesn’t have any location assignment. So later when you active LBAC module and logged into a location - You may not get that patient. You have to edit the patient location.

You can use the LBAC Report OWA to get some interesting facts about your patients and users with locations (Have to login as SysAdmin). Please use this URL : http://localhost:8080/openmrs/owa/locationbasedaccesscontrol/index.html#/patient-list. Here, Check that the users and patients are assigned with respected locations.

If you have any more issues on this, Please reach us for more help!

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my installation is on Ref app 2.9 and Platform 2.2, maybe is that the cause?

i wanna upgrade my system and i tell you if that works.

Thanks a lot!

I don’t think so - It should work. Just check about the App UI module version there. (Needs above 1.2.4)

Hello @suthagar23 , hope you are doing well. Is location base access control supported in mobile app like android etc. Thanks

Hi @atiq, It was developed as an Add-On to OpenMRS Ref Application, and has a UI for the web application.

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Thanks for your response @suthagar23, My concern is after doing LBAC setup on reference application, with some number of users associated with different location. , So as reference application segregate the data as per the LBAC criteria . Now if I login through mobile application with non admin user, is this possible that it will segregate the data as web application .Thanks

I hope, you had configured the LABC in the OpenMRS Ref App, and using the mobile application with the help of REST services. The LABC rules will be associated with the server-side implementation, and the restrictions are applied to the data which is exposed through the REST services also.

So I believe, when you access the data through the mobile application, it should go through the REST services which will have the LABC restrictions.

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That’s Great ! Thanks @suthagar23 for the response I will check with the mobile app and will share the outcome with you. Thanks

Hey @suthagar23 Hope you are doing good I am facing an issue with LABC please have a look

Hey @elkinleon have you solved this problem or not.