Liquibase error on installing the sdk

While setting up the sdk, i succesfully run the first two commands ie

  1. mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk

  2. mvn openmrs-sdk:setup.

On running the the third command which is mvn openmrs-sdk:run, i get to Error: org/openmrs/liquibase/updates/liquibase-update-to-latest-1.9.x.xml does not exist Error while trying to update to the latest database version.Here are the logs Note: These steps were initially working and got them failing a couple of times when i decided to drop my old instance of the sdk and setup a new one.Any suggestion around fixing this,thanks. cc @dkayiwa @ibacher

@dkayiwa @ibacher I have tomcat which i had set in the environment variable,on removing the user variables of this tomcat,i can now run the sdk successfully,

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@herbert24, which directory do you run your openmrs sdk .The problem arose from server unable to find runtime property.hope you provided right credentials

Another option could be to delete folder named tomcat.8080 and try run again as suggested earlier by @dkayiwa in a different talk thread and yesterday on IRC thread. Personaly i dont have liquibase-update-to-latest-1.9.x.xml inside openmrs/loader directory. my files start from liquibase-update-to-latest-2.0 and sdk is running without ant error.

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thanks alot @sharif

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@herbert24 Did you succeed running sdk

ohh yes,as explained in one of my comments above