Lightning Talks for 2014-05-15 Developers Forum

You are invited to give a lightning talk on this week’s Developer Forum.

A lightning talk is a short, five-minute* presentation on any topic. You have up to 5 minutes to share you idea(s), show off a new widget, etc. followed by 3 minutes of Q&A.

If you are interested in presenting this week, please describe your presentation here.

*Lightning talks are, by design, given a short duration that is strictly enforced. This ensures that everyone gets their time to present. If you have something to discuss or show, please make sure that you can complete your message within 5 minutes, so we won’t have to cut you off. :smile:

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I’ll be happy to make a presentation showing off the latest iteration of the Chart Search Module and get some quick feedback for next steps with the BGU and GSOC students!

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Thanks, Tobin. I’ve got you on the agenda.

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I would like to present the latest project plan for the operation theater module and hear the opinion of the community

Great, Lukas! I’ve added you to the agenda.

I too would like to participate. Let me present my gsoc project - developing admin tool for openmrs 2.0 and gain suggestions from the community.

Great, Ujjwal! I’ve added you to the agenda.