Light/Small Reference Application

Hi everyone,

I’m a newbie in the Open MRS world and my main goal is to install a light version of the Open MRS.

I actually have installed the Reference Application with the modules Legacy UI and Core Apps (and the depending modules to successfully run this one) but, for my purpose is too complete (I only want basic things for example basic data (temperature, blood pressure, …), visit management, pathologies record, …).

The Reference Application provides a lot of stuff that I don’t need and slows down the response of the application (I’m using a very basic computer).

Does someone know if there are other lighter/smaller distributions? Could I modify the reference application or reference application modules in an ‘easy way’ in order to remove the parts of the application I don’t need/use?


Does the OpenMRS platform with only the legacyui module serve your needs?

I have tried to use the legacy ui module alone but it seems that I can’t enter a new patient because I get an error, so I assumed that I need the core apps. Is it true?

You should be able to register patients using the legacyui module alone. Which errors did you get?

It seems it was a momentary error… :slight_smile: Another question: Is it possible to use the Android App using only the legacy ui module?

You will need the REST webservices module, which is already part of the platform, anyway.

Okey Thanks Daniel :slight_smile:

Last question…

Is there some legacy ui documentation in where all the functionalities of the module are explained?