LegacyUI Module not being located

Whenever we try starting the OpenMRS local host, we get the successful installation page, however, we receive a message that says no UI module installed. We have already installed LegacyUI and placed in the appropriate folder, and still the same page shows. We restart all of the tomcat and MySQL, we have the appropriate JDK8 installed also. Any ideas what could be going wrong?

So, the best way you could help us help you is if you could post a copy of your OpenMRS log to pastebin.com or a similar service so that we can see if there are any errors, etc. However, in lieu of that:

Most likely, if the module isn’t being automatically detected, it’s because it’s not in the right folder. When starting OpenMRS, you should hopefully see a logging message that looks something like this:

INFO - Listener.contextInitialized(174) |2020-11-05T15:45:03,973| Using runtime properties file: ...

The directory that the module should be installed in is likely the modules sub-directory of the directory containing the runtime properties file.

Alternatively, if you have curl and jq installed, then from the command line, you can query the location that OpenMRS thinks modules should be installed in directly using this:

curl -u admin http://localhost:<port>/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/systeminformation | jq '.systemInfo|.["SystemInfo.title.moduleInformation"]|.["SystemInfo.Module.repositoryPath"]'

Now, assuming that it is installed in the right folder, there’s (hopefully) some error in the logs that will indicate the issue. To troubleshoot this, it would also be helpful to know what version of the OpenMRS platform you are installing and what version of the Legacy UI OMOD you are trying to use.

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Thank you so much, I went through the logs and you were completely correct. We were installing the modules in the incorrect folder. Appreciate it.