LegacyUI Module 0.2 build failure

I’ve been trying to setup OpenMRS Platform 2.0.0beta along with LegacyUI. I’ve successfully completed the initial-setup of platform bt facing issues attaching legacyui module with the plaform.

I’ve obtained the latest stable relase of laegacyui module (legacyui-0.2) and there’s build failure due to maven dependency resoultion issue.

On scanning the pom I found that the openmrs-api dependency is pointing to version 2.0.0-alpha1 which isn’t present on nexus repository.

Replacing 2.0.0-alpha1 with 2.0.0-alpha helped me build the module successfully.

I’m trying to deploy latest openmrs-core (stable release) with the bundled modules that come with referenceapplication + legacyui module.

I’ve found around 4 modules that has build failure issues due to missing/incorrect pom dependecy in 3 of them and wrong method call in 1 of them. I’ve successfully resolved these issues and have build these modules.

I think we shall update the code-base of the corresponding release of these modules so that no one else faces the same issue.

Modules Details

  1. allergyui-1.5 (fix method call on AllergyPageController.java)
  2. htmlformentryui-1.5 (add missing dependency for hamcrest-date in pom.xml to fix import issues)
  3. referenceapplication-2.3 (replace emrapi-api-1.10 with emrapi-api to fix import issues)
  4. referencemetadata (replace emrapi-api-1.10 with emrapi-api to fix import issues)
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