legacyui 1.1 logout issue

Hi there!

since legacyui 1.1 I get following error everytime I click on the “logout” link

Anyone else having this issue?

Are you able to reproduce it here int-refapp.openmrs.org

yes and so will you :frowning:

I ran into it on a test server and I thought that the server was just mis-configured :slight_smile:

Nice catch @teleivo :smile: Thanks @ssmusoke for confirming it! I have fixed and released version 1.2 of the module.

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Thanks @dkayiwa !

But why not release a 1.1.1 ? You just added a patch, not a backwards compatible feature. That’s what I ment with my module release semver thread :slight_smile:

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@teleivo i agree with you! Will do so next time. :smile:

@dkayiwa issue fixed with upgrade