Legacy UI Module login redirect 405

Module: Legacy UI Module

Module Version: 1.3.2

System Version: 2.0.5

Issue or Question:

When I log into my instance of OpenMRS, I get redirected to /ms/legacyui/loginServlet with a 405 error code. If I go back to the root path, everything works fine as I am logged in.

Any help would be much appreciated.

How do you log in your OpenMRS instance? What URL do you use to login? What modules do you have installed (I assume you are not running the reference application)?

I have it running on an aws ec2 instance. I access it using this IP address:

Yes I am not running the reference application. Currently I have only the legacy ui module installed.

Do you think you can give me the exact steps to reproduce on your instance? I also notice that you are running platform 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT instead of 2.0.5 as you reported.

To reproduce all I need to do is login with any account… nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell

And yes I thought it was a problem with the version so I got the latest source from github and deployed that… the issue was there for 2.0.5 as well

What is the full url that you use to log in?

Just the base it shows the login form. Is there meant to be a specific URL for the login page?

What happens after entering a username and password and then click “Log in”?

After clicking “Log in”, the user gets redirected to: /ms/legacyui/loginServlet … the login form posts to /ms/legacyui/loginServlet, but after the POST it does a GET, instead of redirecting to home page.

Can you send me a private message with a user name and password to try out on your server?

Do you get any change in behavior when you try using tomcat7?

Haven’t tried tomcat7 yet. Will try it with tomcat7 and let you know.