Language display of Openmrs

I startThe OpenMRS Webapp and I find that the website displays different languages with English and Chinese. I have tried to change locale but it didn’t work. And I get the same result when I open the webapp in Chrome and IE. I will be appreciate If someone give me some advice to make the webapp display in English.

image image

That could be internationalisation problems, j hope brother @dkayiwa could find a way foward

@isaaclin you need to change the locale from within from chines to english even not sure whether that is chines, but atleast j guess you need to change the locale

When you login as an admin,move to system admin->advanced administration then down in the footer we have the different languages.Click on English if you want that.Since you might not know the current language,try the above process from here and then try applying the same from what you are running

@herbert24 good thanks for those procedures j hope @isaacln will gain