Lab order viewing

Application Name: OpenMRS Ref app**Version Number:**2.5

Question: I have created several lab orders through REST API and was able to retrieve them through the api. My question is how/where do I view the orders within the OpenMRS application?

Thanks Tim

If you are using admin console,

Look for Manage Orders / Manager Drug Orders. Click on the link to open Orders listing page. Drug Orders can be searched based on Patient name / ID

Hope this helps!

Hello, thank you for the suggestion. I signed on as Admin, but did not see the Manage Order / Manage Drug Order. Do I need to install some other modules to see the Manage Order option? i am using ref app 2.5 standalone.

Thanks Tim

@missilen, currently the reference application UI does not display encounters that don’t belong to visits. The admin console that @mani mentions is in the Legacy UI module. You could install this module and see if it suits your purposes.

To see these properly integrated into the UI, you’ll need to write some code. If you’re a dev (or have access to one) we can guide you on this.