Keycloak/Smart on FHIR - You are already logged in

Application Name: Reference Application

Version Number: 2.13.0-SNAPSHOT (OpenMRS version 2.6.0 SNAPSHOT Build 0)

Hi, I have followed the wiki page on how to setup OpenMRS for Smart on FHIR and Keycloak but I ran into two issues I could not find documentation or forum posts for.

Wiki page:

Issue with the most impact : Whenever I close the tab with my Smart app, and then try to open it again, in the same patient or a different one, I get a “You are already logged in” page from Keycloak. From some Keycloak forums, I learned this is the intended result, but that makes Smart on FHIR apps unusable. Is there additionnal configs missing from the wiki page that need to be done to fix this or some sort of logout function that needs to be called before closing the smart app?

Second issue : Whenever I try to add a new app in OpenMRS through System Administration → Manage Apps → Add App Definition, I get a 404 error on a POST request to verifyJson.htm. I’ve been working around this by simply removing the disabled attribute on the save button with a right click → inspect, but it seems like something that shouldn’t be needed. Since I’ve managed to add my app in the end, this is almost a non-issue.


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@wldubois I am also pursuing getting a functional OpenMRS instance integrated with SMART on FHIR authorization. Please let me know if you gain any traction on these issues. My team just forked the openmrs-module-smartonfhir repo in order to modularize it so that an Auth0 cloud tenant can be used in place of Keycloak.