Join OpenMRS at FOSSASIA 2016!

FOSSASIA 2016 happens this coming week at the Singapore Science Center, and OpenMRS will be there! If you’re in the area, please consider joining us for one or more of the following events, and to meet other open source software contributors in the region. We’ll also have some new OpenMRS sticker designs to give away. :slight_smile: :openmrs:

"The value of open source healthcare IT solutions" Featured presentation led by @maany with @sunbiz & @michael
Wednesday 16 March, 20:00 at Hackerspace.SG

"Become an OAuth2 provider using Spring Security" Talk by @maany Saturday 19 March, 13:35 in Dalton Hall

"Network of networks in the OpenMRS medical records platform" Talk by @sunbiz Saturday 19 March, 16:50 in Dalton Hall


I wish I could make it – maybe next year! Are they recording talks?

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I’m pretty sure they are :slight_smile:

They try to do this, but like most small conferences who do so, it’s done by volunteers and outcomes vary with the recordings and getting them posted publicly. :slight_smile: