JIRA Permission for New Comer

Hi @burke @r0bby,

Aren’t we give JIRA permission for new comer to log into JIRA and assign tickets? IMO we need to give those basic permissions. JIRA site says, new user need to request for JIRA permissions. But I believe basic permissions to create, comment and assign JIRA should be there.

Thanks, Harsha

We disabled this because spam tickets were being created, and it was taking a lot of time to delete those tickets. What we really need to do is automate granting access based on Talk trust levels:


I agree with this. I was trying to think a way to lower spammers and I think this is a good start. By having those badges, we can make sure at least they are active and not creating random accounts and spam.

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I’m still maintaining Id dashboard…so prs welcome…ideally with tests.