JIRA issues, can't view how claim a ticket

Hello everyone… I am really an inexperienced developer on openmrs. And despite I have read a lot about it for 2 weeks. I created the basic modules of the book “openmrs-devmanual” , although I encountered some problems, one of which was not solved despite the help i have @mozzy .I decided to give up on this problem and really start contributing to a not too complex problem that would not take me too long. Like a real training before I actually start on the project I have to work. I sign up for JIRA and wanted to claim a ticket but did not know how to do it. I did not see how to claim it as shown in the book. help please, thanks.

hello @dlector

you need to login with your JIRA credentials in order to be able to claim the ticket, the login button is in your extreme right upper corner

you can also share the link to the ticket

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@dlector , j hope this will be helpful https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Tickets. Every documentation that you may need to know how to use the site is on the wiki, so feel free to click on it and have a way forward to go

@dlector Was your issue sorted out? Do you have Jira access?

@dlector , its not always easy at first time to work with the openmrs API. but i believe every problem has a solution. its a matter of persistence. can we go ahead solving your problem regarding your module. kindly go ahead to describe where you got blocked from. Here we are a community of teammates, we are always there for aothers and thats how we learn.

@dlector have you got a chance to go through this? its a guide to every new member in openmrs.

Sory for that my dear @dlector. Just as @gcliff has given the directives. Its just a simple process. Here is the section of login when your on Jira page

Click on the Login button that you see on the top right upper corner, then Enter your username and password. You will be able to claim a ticket you will be interested to work on!

thanks everyone for your attention…@kdaud @gclif @jwnasambu i did the log in , I clicked on the ticket I was interested and I do not see the "claim issues "button.

@sharif I lose myself in the documentation. for example I still can not know what is better to do “platform module” or “Distribution”, when I setup a server will there be information in the database? so, is this the information of all openmrs users? how are the modules used?

@mozzy http://devmanual.openmrs.org/en/Case_study/yourFirstModule.html i can’t see the class “public class Department extends BaseOpenmrsObject implements Serializable” but i see this "public class Item extends BaseOpenmrsData " it’s because the book is a bit old for the new sdk?

Create a new help desk case request for access to JIRA: https://openmrs.desk.com/

@dkayiwa Is it deliberate to have new devs to write to the help desk before they have the opportunity to claim issues or?..this I ask because I’ve noticed about two new devs encounter this issue including myself…

Is this what you are looking for? https://wiki.openmrs.org/x/1YLRBg

@dlector, I recommend you follow @dkayiwa advise then you wil be given privilege of claiming an issue. You need to create a new help desk case request for access to JIRA: https://openmrs.desk.com/

I get it now… Thanks…I hadn’t seen that article

@dlector can you take back this to the right talk thread ?? We dont need to mix up issues

We used to have a message in JIRA which directed people to ask helpdesk for access. I wonder how it disappeared. @cintiadr could you be having any idea?

@dkayiwa maybe it was in one of the plugins that got deactivated/not supported anymore. Not intentional for sure.

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thanks @dkayiwa

ok no problem for that…